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Bringing rodeo production into the stock contracting role.

Continuing it's legacy of top performers Cervi Championship Rodeo produces some of the largest and most entertaining rodeo events across the United States.        

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As a team, the Cervi family oversees and participates in every aspect of rodeo production from preserving sought-after bloodlines, to directing the audience experience at the arena floor.

All photography provided by Impulse PhotographyKathryn Britton & TJ Johnson



Meet the family that lives and breaths rodeo production. This team goes above and beyond the role of a stock contractor, as they assist committees and other rodeo personnel to improve the overall experience of every rodeo performance. 

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Keeping a busy schedule, the rodeo production team will travel to over 30 rodeos to conduct more than 150 performances. Be sure to visit them on the road and experience a Cervi Championship Rodeo for yourself —this company wouldn't be here without you!

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